Manual Osteopathy

        Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM)


           Osteopathic Manual Medicine


OMM is therapeutic in helping the body to heal naturally.  This method of touch facilitates healing to restricted areas (somatic dysfunctions) of the body.  These restrictions may be caused by stress, overuse, and injury.  The causes may have physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual origins.

In Osteopathic medicine, physicians use specialized manual medicine (OMM) which provides hands on treatment for bodily tensions or somatic dysfunctions manifested by injuries, mental and emotional stress, and overuse.   OMM enhances and facilitates the body's natural means of healing.


During the treatment, one may experience soothing pulsations from increased circulation, gentle releases of strained tissue, and/or enter into a relaxed state from effects on the nervous system.  There may also be a releasing of energy which may be expressed through emotions or dreams

The rate of recovery can depend on many factors.  Among them are the type of injury, how long the somatic dysfunction has occurred, if there are any other existing conditions, and how one's body heals.


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