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      Energy and Physical Medicine
                                  Physical Medicine
Physical medicine, as practiced by Dr. Manney, offers prescribed exercises based on individual needs to improve range of motion, flexibility, recovery, and stabililty.  These exercises will also prolong and maintain the effects of the treatment for longer lasting relief and recovery.


With time, one should see improvements in their range of motion, flexibility, stability and strength.  These exercises, consisting mostly of stretches and abdominal strengthening, are prescribed by Dr. Manney based on the anatomical needs of the patient at the time of treatment.


We are all composed of energy at the foundational level.  The elements and particles which makes up our bodily compositions and everything around us are the same elements found in the stars, planets, throughout the known universe.  Research is beginning to show the many ways how we are affected by energy.  Yet, the ancients knew this long before any modern day research.

Dr. Manney has received attunements in Usui and Angelic Reiki.  Usui Reiki is based on a lineage of healers starting with Dr. Mikao Usui.  In Angelic Reiki, healing is facilitated directly from the beneficent realm of Grace.  Our spirits are always in tune with this realm having eternal connection with Grace.

               Shamanic Healing

We each have an ancestral lineage.  As we heal ourselves, we heal ancestors who may carry generational karma.  Shamanic healing can help to balance energetic imbalances not only to our individual systems.  It can help to cleanse collective imbalances in our environment as well as families.

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