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       About:  Dr. Avon Day Manney, D.O., M.S.


 "I have been sensitive to the energetic states of others from an early age. It is no wonder that I was called to study Osteopathic Medicine.  Since then there has been many other forms of fundamental truth which has been studied and experienced in working with the Enneagram, Energy Medicine, Buddhist Meditation, and Yoga.  These have also been added to the practice.  The facilitation of healing through intuition and touch takes many forms.  It can range from working deeply with the fascia, bones, or even the nervous system.  Sometimes, it can be just a supportive touch on the shoulder."             ~Dr. Avon Day Manney, D.O., M.S. 





Dr. Manney received her medical degree in Osteopathic medicine, D.O., from the New York Institute of Technology and Medicine in 2006.  Using sensitized touch, she is able to diagnose and treat restricted areas of the body which are commonly caused by stress, repetitive use, muscle imbalances, and/or injury.  She integrates this with expertise in non-surgical care of the muscles, back, nerves, and joints.  She also prescribes exercises which will enhance the effects of treatment after it has been given.  This in turn can lead to comfortable and supportive movement.


Dr. Manney's medical background and knowledge of anatomy allows her to prescibe exercises which are therapeutic and rehabilitate muscle imbalances.  At the heart of these exercises are breath work which focus on centering and grounding the patient in their body and essential being.  Dr. Manney firmly believes in the inter-connectedness of the body, mind, and spirit.  Treatment for the body also benefits the mind and spirit.





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